Saturday, 26 February 2011

Saturday Sign-in

Well hello again Mr Blogger; I'm here for a mini-witter about the last week. A hectic one work-wise although I was lucky enough to have Friday off. Shame the weather was so dismal though. Busy day today. Been and signed up for a lovely new kitchen ( yippee!!) can't tell you how long I have been waiting but today we signed on the dotted line!! Now we are on countdown. New boiler being fitted on Monday. 8 weeks for the units to be built then 2-3 weeks of chaos but fingers crossed it will all be lovely. I now know so much about magic corners, carousels, slinky taps and granite worktops. I have some lovely CAD photos which I will be sharing and boring everyone with! After my escapades with Facebook I have been reunited with my second cousin in Oz. The wonders of technology. TTFN xx


  1. Hiya wendy * waves madly*
    Ooooooooooooohhhh a new kitchen, how Wonderful!!! Can't wait to see photos, you know you will HAVE TO scrap it don't you!
    What lovely news to hear you have caught up with your second cousin......thats lovely.
    Warmest wishes

  2. Lovely to have a new kitchen, how exciting!
    Look me up on fb :)