Saturday, 19 February 2011


The twenty first century and the challenges of new technology are challenging my ageing and much addled brain! This week I finally signed up for Facebook, much to the amusement of my (much younger) sister and my Generation Y+ neices! I also decided to revisit the Blog as I have been sadly unable to complete all the things I have wanted to following the break, metal implant operation and physiotherpay for a broken wrist! Thank goodness for the NHS - they get every knock going but I for one think the treatment support and care I have had has been brilliant. And, I think I should tell people too.

Last week we went to see Lenny Henry Cradle to Rave - he was outstanding - there was I 49 and rocking in the asiles - never been known!Recommend the show for humour, music of my life (and Len's) and all round good time!
Going to my first Scrapping retreat next month - so been catching up on all my clever friends blogs to see the preparations and the stunning craft work they produce - I could be the one in the corner with the dunces hat on!!


  1. YAY! You are back, so good to see you back in blogland my Lovely :). Really pleased you are coming to play with us at the retreat Wendy, its going to be brilliant! Oooooooh Lenny Henry....I just LOVE him....very funny man ( and kinda cute too!.xxx see you

  2. Welcome back Wendy. You've been missed. Looking forward to the retreat too, you'll love it, I promise. Nothing about dunces hats either, there's no competition. xxx