Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Learning from Liverpool

Just returned from Liverpool - wow what a wonderful city. People were fab and the alber docks were stunning. I was attending a conference so managed to squeeze in some learning but also enjoyed the shopping experience at Liverpool One (great new handbag, by the way!) and a fab-u-lous restaurant darling called Gustos! I recommend the city and the experience. Must retrun as I didn't get chance for a ferry across the mersey, a visit to the Beatles museum or Anfield (sorry John!)

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Missing Mojo

Had a lovely day at Crop yesterday; mojo had definitely left the building! Became overawed by the stunning skills of those around me and had no idea where to start. I enjoyed reeling up all Jill's ribbons - very therapeutic. Hope my inspiration returns for this weeks class. Need some serious crafting time - look out Liz I will be arriving with all my stash for some play soon! Thanks to all at the crop for their patience during my non-creative time. Now I have been able to revisit my own blog - lost contact for a while - still have my blogging L plates on should be able to return again and spice the page up a tad! Photos Liz - with no mojo and no tech skills methinks that might be a little unlikely. TTFN

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

I am attempting to grasp the challenge of new technology. Blog, why blog? It seems to be the way for quick updating and communicating so who am I to buck the trend. Who will be intersted in my witterings who knows and hence the Blog name. I don't intend to be that amazing with my content but those that know me know that I can witter away to my heart's content about??? very little often. I am going to post this to a few of online pals to see what they think and then I might tkae it from there.