Sunday, 3 October 2010

Missing Mojo

Had a lovely day at Crop yesterday; mojo had definitely left the building! Became overawed by the stunning skills of those around me and had no idea where to start. I enjoyed reeling up all Jill's ribbons - very therapeutic. Hope my inspiration returns for this weeks class. Need some serious crafting time - look out Liz I will be arriving with all my stash for some play soon! Thanks to all at the crop for their patience during my non-creative time. Now I have been able to revisit my own blog - lost contact for a while - still have my blogging L plates on should be able to return again and spice the page up a tad! Photos Liz - with no mojo and no tech skills methinks that might be a little unlikely. TTFN

1 comment:

  1. Hiya Lovey
    It was really lovely to see you at the crop Wendy....and don;t worry about the lack of mojo, it happens to us all at did a wonderful job with the ribbons, such , I would have flung them across the room! Glad to see you got back here ok too, you will soon have the hang of it! See you on weds night, llook forward to warmest wishes