Monday, 21 March 2011

Debden Delights

I have just returned from the most marvellous weekend of crafting at the infamous establishment 'Debden'. Such fun!! 21 hours of good company, relaxation and crafting. I surprised myself by finishing 3 class pages and completing a memory book to celebrate the arrival of my Great Nephew DJ. I was amazed by the skill and creativity of the other girls. Some outstanding designs by the others, wow. It was a privilege to be there with them. I hope I didn't disgrace myself too much and can wrangle an invite for next year. Thanks girls; it was wonderful!!


  1. Well done Wendy. You've cracked blogging now you've got piccies to show. Glad you enjoyed yourself - we all had fun, didn't we? Go onto the Blossoms' blog - there's lots of comments on there together with a brilliant poem by Karen. Now you can blog your scrapbook pages and the book too. x

  2. Hiya was absolutely fantastic wasn't it :), I am so glad that you came with us this year and am delighted you would like to come again next year. It always inspires me seeing everyones beautiful creations...there certainly was some stunning work there wasn't there.
    Can't wait to see your photos of your beautiful memory album and your layouts

  3. So glad you enjoyed your first weekend at Debden, really hope you will join us again next year. Please do blog your creations from the weekend.

  4. Awww Wendy - you made some beautiful things!
    Glad you enjoyed it and as Lynn said, don't forget to blog your creations.