Thursday, 27 October 2011

Adventurous preparations

With all this time on my hands with not working I have just completed my first advent box. First of all I painted all the boxes - thanks for that tip Jill at Cardinal Colours! I then set about covering each box with some free papers I had put aside from Crafting magazines. To complete the look i added lots of sparkle. This is probably the first craft project I am pleased with. Don't get me wrong i can see the mistakes I made along the way but in truth I loved doing it. I have made it for my 17 year old son. Possibly the next best thing has been buying all the surprises to go inside the boxes - some edible, some fun and some sensible. I'm going to make one for my hubby for next year who is feeling a bit left out!!


  1. How Lovely to see you blogging again Wendy and to see this super advent box you have created.

    Bet your son is please with this and LOL that poor hubby has to wiat until next year.

    See you soon.
    Lynn x

  2. Welcome back Wendy!!

    Great advent box you have made, I'm sure he'll love it :)


  3. Yaaaaay! Wendy! Sooooooo lovely to see you blogging Hun, you have been missed! And what a totally gorgeous project to blog about too. Lots of hard work put into this and sooooo worth it for the end result. Beautiful....and I bet your Son will love it....and your Hubs will appreciate waiting for his till next year ;)..xxxxx